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How the Ford New Generation v348 ambulance distinguishes between commercial and passenger versions

  • Author: Medical assistance depot
  • Release time: 2019/8/20 11:12:46
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    How the Ford New Generation v348 ambulance distinguishes between commercial and passenger versions

    To clearly distinguish between the commercial and passenger versions, please see the following two pictures:

    The passenger car's front net color is silver white, the cab color is beige, and the air conditioner is the original air conditioner.

    The color of the car network in front of the commercial version is black, the cab is black, and the air conditioner is retrofitted.

    The v348 ambulance passenger version is shown in the figure:

    The v348 ambulance commercial version is shown in the figure:

    I. Selection of car chassis: It is relatively easy to choose a car chassis, because we can only choose a car chassis that meets the environmental protection requirements of China ’s auto sales announcement. No matter the tonnage size, domestic or imported car chassis, the same requirements are required. For the chassis, whether the customer buys it by itself or commissions a base car manufacturer to buy it, the cooling air outlet, etc., what is the price?

    Second, the configuration options of the medical cabin: The size of the medical cabin is directly related to the equipment that the cabin needs to be configured. The requirements for the cabin are different for different degrees of transfer, such as: short-haul transfer, which only needs to be equipped with a simple stretcher and oxygen The infusion hook can be used. For long-distance transfer, a 220v inverter power supply is needed, the position of the instrument, a large space, and a luxurious automatic stretcher.

    Transit V348 ambulance, the front face of the atmosphere,-a rhombus line rises from the front bumper along the intake grille to the hood, follows the A-pillar to the roof, and pulls back to the rear of the car. The grid makes the air intake more smooth and provides favorable conditions for the heat dissipation of the efficient engine. The composite same-color bumper is beautiful and practical, which effectively disperses the impact force. Forms two very dynamic lines. The exterior blends a lot of the sleek looks of a sedan.

    The Ford V348 new generation ambulance is the most luxurious high-grade guardianship ambulance in the Ford series. It has a long shaft with a high star top, an inner cabin height of 1.75 meters and an integrated medical cabinet on the left side of the inner cabin. , Easy to clean, can be used for a variety of multi-purpose medical equipment, the right side is designed for medical care and family seats, the center of the column is 2 national 220V power ports, 12V power socket 2, 1 humidifier bottle, the middle is automatically loaded Car stretcher. The top design is reserved for 2 slideable infusion stands, 4 strip lights, 1 mosaic round disinfection lamp, and can be used for forward and reverse ventilation fans.

    Overall body diagram:

    Medical warehouse:

    Beige cab:

    Air-conditioning outlet, front and rear intercom, 360 degree HD camera

    The interior of the Ford v348 ambulance is relatively spacious, so that the ambulance staff has enough space to go to the patient on the way. Hyundai also carries a large number of bandages and external dressings, which can help stop bleeding, clean the wounds, prevent infections. Bring splints and brackets to fix the fracture of the patient and prevent the patient's neck and spine from getting worse. The car is also equipped with oxygen, a portable ventilator and a cardiac defibrillator, which can be used on the way to the emergency room. Monitor the patient's pulse and breathing, and these test data can be sent to the radio.

    ABS 刹车系统 2 、中控门锁 3 、驾驶室电动窗 4 、原装进口发动机 5 、驾驶室冷暖空调; 1. ABS brake system 2. Central control door lock 3. Cab power window 4. Imported engine 5. Cab heating and cooling air conditioner;

    Standard configuration of medical cabin:
    Medical cabin structure: a full set of medical grade A environmental protection materials are compression-molded, seamless design, corners and arc treatment.
    L 型药品柜,左侧长条吊柜(首创卷帘门),双氧气柜,杂物柜,双层设备架,顶置多功能模块,暗藏式一体化洗手池, U 型整体防滑易洗地板等。 Integral side wall system: L -shaped medicine cabinet, left-hand long hanging cabinet (first roll-up door), double oxygen cabinet, storage cabinet, double-layer equipment rack, overhead multifunctional module, hidden integrated sink, U -shaped overall Non-slip and easy to wash floors.
    1000W 逆变电源(含独立电池组)可供 220V/12 V电源,内嵌式长条灯组,圆型射灯 4 个,舱外照明灯 4 个。 Power supply and lighting system: intelligent thin-film electronic control system, automatic display, hierarchical protection, 1000W inverter power supply (including independent battery pack) for 220V / 12V power supply, built-in strip light group, 4 round spotlights , 4 exterior lights .
    8 组,方向可调,冷热均匀分流,前后舱独立控制。 Air-conditioning system: 8 groups of air outlets on the top and bottom , the direction is adjustable, the heat and cold are evenly distributed, and the front and rear cabins are independently controlled.
    Basic medical configuration: dual oxygen cylinders, automatic switching system, pneumatic negative pressure suction system (first in China), round UV germicidal lamp, automatic stretcher bed, shovel stretcher, internal and surgical emergency box. 2 个。 Three-color instrument soft bag, foldable doctor's seat, three-person bench seat, two infusion boxes .
    LED 爆闪头灯 4 个,两侧 LED 爆闪长云灯 8 个,前珊暗嵌式LED爆闪云灯 2 个, 100 W变频警报控制系统。 Police system: 4 integrated LED strobe headlights , 8 LED strobe long cloud lights on both sides , 2 front-mounted recessed LED strobe cloud lights , 100W frequency conversion alarm control system.
    2 根,上车扶手 2 根,电子钟, 12 V前后对讲系统,侧拉式气动伸缩踏板,反光警示彩条 Other configuration: rear-view surveillance system: two-way exhaust system, two long standing handrails, two on-board handrails , electronic clock, 12 V front and rear intercom system, side-pull pneumatic telescopic pedals, reflective warning color bars

    1. 国际流行救护车高顶及外型 2. 爆闪灯 3. 密封中隔断(带玻璃窗) 4. 不锈钢医疗柜 5. 警灯警报系统 6. 上车后踏板 7. 随车工具 8. 救护座椅 10. 氧气瓶架 11 、灯光照明系统 . 12. 普通担架 13. 输液架 14. . 温度计 15. 前后对讲系统 16. 喷雾消毒器 17. 车外国际救护标志。 Simple configuration: 1. International popular ambulance high roof and appearance 2. Strobe light 3. Sealed partition (with glass window) 4. Stainless steel medical cabinet 5. Warning light alarm system 6. Pedal after boarding 7. On board Tools 8. Ambulance seat 10. Oxygen bottle rack 11 , lighting system . 12. Ordinary stretcher 13. Infusion stand 14. Thermometer 15. Front and rear intercom system 16. Spray sterilizer 17. International ambulance sign outside the car.

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