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What is the difference between a DR checkup car and a checkup car?

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  • Release time: 2019/8/12 10:46:04
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    What is the difference between a DR checkup car and a checkup car?

    12米体检车,牙科体检车。 Physical Examination Vehicle: It is literally a physical examination vehicle for physical examination. It can be called in many ways, such as a health examination vehicle, an elderly examination vehicle, a mobile examination vehicle, a medical medical vehicle, a gynecological examination vehicle, a medical examination vehicle, Multifunctional medical examination vehicle, mobile medical vehicle, 10.5 medical examination vehicle , 12m medical examination vehicle, dental medical examination vehicle.

    DR是由计算机数字图像处理技术与X射线放射技术相结合而形成的一种先进的X线摄影技术,它能进行实时图像数字处理,进而实 现了数字化。 DR Physical Examination Vehicle: DR is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. It can perform digital processing of real-time images and then realize digitization. DR 专用于体检车、医疗车等特殊特殊车辆上,它相比科室 DR更为便捷,而且有相当不错的抗震效果,在体检车上定制车载DR能高效完成放射类体检项目。 Vehicle-mounted DR is dedicated to special special vehicles such as medical examination vehicles and medical vehicles. It is more convenient than department DR and has quite good anti-seismic effect. Customized vehicle-mounted DR on medical examination vehicles can efficiently complete radiological medical examination projects. DR体检车 的时候都会建立铅防护室,把 DR铅防护室安装体检车中心是来延长体检车的使用寿命,也让移动体检车在行驶过程中更安全。 When a medical vehicle manufacturer produces a DR vehicle, considering that the on-board DR has a slightly lower power than the department DR, its radiation X dose is much less, so when producing a DR medical examination vehicle , a lead protection room will be established, and the DR lead protection room will be installed with a medical examination vehicle. The center is to extend the service life of the medical check-up car and make the mobile medical check-up car safer during driving.

    DR能直接通过网络将数据上传到医院医疗系统数据库中,极大的方便了医院更好的了解患者信息;车载DR曝光功率较科室DR要小, 只需要220V电源功率即可正常曝光,曝光次数较科室DR也更多,辐射剂量较科室DR更小;车载DR车抗震性能卓越,安装便携,占用空间小,它小巧的结构更适合于医疗车辆空间布局。 Customizing the on-board DR on the physical examination car can upload the data directly to the hospital medical system database through the network, which greatly facilitates the hospital to better understand the patient information; the exposure power of the on-board DR is smaller than that of the department DR, and only requires 220V power. It can be exposed normally, with more exposure times than department DR, and smaller radiation dose than department DR. Vehicle-mounted DR cars have excellent seismic performance, portable installation, and small footprint. Its compact structure is more suitable for medical vehicle space layout.

    The difference between the two is similar.

    Car body front display:

    Cab medical warehouse display diagram:

    Medical warehouse middle display picture:

    1 )车身结构:半承载式;( 2 )内饰:成型内饰;( 3 )乘客门及门泵:气动单扇外摆门(右前门 *1 、左中门 *1 、右中门 *1 、右后门 *1 );( 4 )空调系统:顶置式非独立空调; (5) 车窗、风挡:全封闭粘接式钢化玻璃,左右最前一扇侧窗玻璃的推拉窗(上固定),窗口高度与车门上沿平齐;( 6 )前方 + 后方倒车雷达、倒车影像;( 7 )乘客座位区域窗户配备逃生锤; 1 )检查床 2 张:配工作台、围帘;( 2 )工作指示灯、照明灯、座椅,操作台若干,满足体检工作需求;( 3 )电测听室: 2 间; Main configuration of the vehicle body ( 1 ) Body structure: semi-load-bearing type; ( 2 ) Interior: Molded interior; ( 3 ) Passenger door and door pump: Pneumatic single leaf swing door (front right door * 1 , left middle door * 1 , Right middle door * 1 , right rear door * 1 ); ( 4 ) air-conditioning system: overhead non-independent air conditioner; (5) windows and windshields: fully enclosed bonded tempered glass, push and pull of the front and left side window glass Windows (fixed on the top), the height of the window is flush with the top edge of the door; ( 6 ) front + rear reversing radar, reversing image; ( 7 ) windows in the passenger seat area are equipped with escape hammers; ( 1 ) 2 inspection beds : Curtains; ( 2 ) work indicator lights, lights, seats, and several operating tables to meet the needs of medical examination work; ( 3 ) electric listening room: 2 ;

    驻车空调: 2 部,规格: ≥1.5P ,顶置式;( 5 )车内配置一定数量的插座,并设置漏电保护器,确保安全、方便使用;( 6 )车内所有功能性设施须遵循以下原则:满足体检开展的要求,美观大方,牢固程度高内饰使用材料应具有防霉、防菌、防潮、阻燃、易清洗、易消毒 , 高强度、抗老化、无异味、无毒、安全性强等优点。 Parking air conditioners: 2 units, specifications: ≥1.5P , top-mounted; ( 5 ) a certain number of sockets are installed in the car, and leakage protectors are provided to ensure safe and convenient use; ( 6 ) all functional facilities in the car must be Follow the following principles: meet the requirements of the physical examination, be beautiful and elegant, and have a high degree of firmness. The materials used for the interior should be mildew-proof, fungus-proof, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, easy to clean, easy to disinfect , high strength, anti-aging, non-odor, non-toxic And strong security. The ground in the car is flat, and the space utilization rate is increased without affecting the medical examination. The layout of each medical examination functional area is scientific and reasonable, relatively independent, and avoid mutual interference as much as possible;

    Convenience of health checkup car
    )体检车和化验设备轻量化,医生无需携带过多的设备,健康检查全面,效率高。 1 ) The weight of the physical examination vehicle and laboratory equipment is light, and the doctor does not need to carry too much equipment, and the health examination is comprehensive and efficient.
    )数据按国家标准建立,内置常规病例随访记录、中医体质辨识,医生现场分析。 2 ) The data is established in accordance with national standards, with built-in routine case follow-up records, TCM constitution identification, and on-site analysis by doctors.
    )全自动记录数据,生成规范检验数据库,在网络畅通的情况下可实时上传,极大解放医生反反复复的手工记录、人工录入工作,提高工作质量与效率 3 ) Automatically record data and generate a standardized inspection database, which can be uploaded in real-time when the network is unblocked, which greatly liberates doctors from manual and manual recording, which improves work quality and efficiency.
    )对医生的工作效率认同,检查速度快,当天检查,当天出结果。 4 ) I agree with the doctor's work efficiency, the speed of the examination is fast, the day of the examination, the results on the day.
    )对医院的体检业务和服务态度满意,老百姓不用纠结体检的必要和长途跋涉的艰辛,家门口体检问诊。 5 ) Satisfied with the medical examination service and service of the hospital, the common people do not have to worry about the necessity of the medical examination and the arduous journey of long journeys, and the physical examination at the doorstep of the hospital.
    )智能化的专业设备不但减轻了医生随访的工作量,更全面细致了医生的工作,尤其对行动不便的体检群体,医生可上门一对一完成全面体检,彰显白衣天使的细致入微的光辉形象。 6 ) Intelligent professional equipment not only reduces the workload of doctors 'follow-up, but also comprehensively and meticulously doctors' work, especially for those who have mobility problems, the doctors can complete one-on-one comprehensive medical examinations, showing the delicate and glorious image of angels in white .

    The development of science and technology promotes the development of society. The carriages of the past became cars, the oil lamps of the past turned into lights, and the mobile phones of the previous cases became the smart phones of small computers. 体检车 都定制车载 DR就很好的解决了传统X射线摄影的数字化问题,实现无片化(Filmless)的影像科。 With the continuous improvement of science and technology in recent years, rapid progress has been made in the medical field . Customizing the on-board DR on modern medical examination cars can solve the digital problem of traditional X-ray photography and realize filmless images. Branch.


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