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Which manufacturer of emergency rescue vehicle is of good quality?

  • Author: Medical assistance depot
  • Release time: 2019/8/23 8:59:38
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    Which manufacturer of emergency rescue vehicle is of good quality?

    专用汽车股份有限公司生产的多功能抢险车;防汛抢险救灾发电泵车,防汛抢险救灾发电泵车 ( 防汛抢险排涝车 ) 是根据防汛抢险救灾装备长期储存、缺失维护、作业环境恶劣、作业要求特殊等因素,具备突发性、紧迫性、作业多样性、社会影响性等特性,采用智能集约化创新的方法而研发的采用柴油机带动的防汛抢险救灾专用的电源、抽水车。 Multifunctional emergency vehicle produced by Hubei Automobile Capital Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd .; flood prevention and rescue power generation pump truck, flood prevention and rescue power generation pump truck ( flood prevention and drainage vehicle ) are based on long-term storage, lack of maintenance, and poor operating environment of flood prevention and rescue equipment Special factors such as operation requirements, have the characteristics of suddenness, urgency, operation diversity, social influence, etc., the use of diesel engine-driven power supply and pump for flood prevention and disaster relief, which was developed using intelligent intensive and innovative methods.

      , 排涝抢险车顾名思义就是工程发生险情时,开车去救险的。 Dongfeng Tianjin rescue vehicle , flood drainage rescue vehicle, as the name suggests, is driving to the rescue when the project is in danger. ( 如灯光、发电、大功率水泵,消防 ...) 以此来满足社会需求。 Therefore, different industries have different engineering rescue vehicles, and the same industry also has different functions of engineering rescue vehicles. In response to this situation, according to the classification of their functions, rescue commands, rescue personnel transportation, rescue materials transportation, and rescue scene assistance have been produced. Use cars ( such as lights, power generation, high-power water pumps, fire fighting ...) to meet social needs.

      Grounding device: The grounding pile and the grounding cable are connected to the special grounding pile head in the carriage. It is convenient to connect. When the unit is working, the grounding wire is connected to protect the safety of the operation. The mechanical and electrical equipment and strict anti-leakage protection measures. 10mm. In operation, the grounding wire of the vehicle is a low-voltage grounding wire, equipped with a detachable grounding pin, and the diameter is not less than 10mm.
    Control system: Intelligent control system for water-saving rescue vehicles in Caishui City, centralized control, Chinese interface, automatic obstacle protection function, high-quality electrical components, stable performance, safety and reliability.    Industrial lighting is a relatively minor branch of the entire lighting industry, as is the case for industrial lighting designers. In the imagination of Xiaobian, industrial lighting designers are in and out of the front lines of factories and mines every day. They may be like this every day: they deal with cold measuring instruments and piles of design drawings every day, and their design works are as meticulous and straightforward as their character. It is neither as moody as a home lighting designer, nor as compelling as a commercial lighting designer, nor as tall as a large landscape lighting designer. On the contrary, it is very grounded. The literal translation is: "Earth--" But today, we are going to subvert your perception. Industrial lighting can also be moody, compelling and tall, and there is also: meticulous.


    5KW 功率输出,电压 380V 插座一个, 220V 通用插座一个, External power supply: The box is equipped with a 5KW power output, a voltage 380V socket, a 220V universal socket,   
    Long platoon: Long platoon engineering is installed on the front of the car, with a megaphone.   
    Strobe lights: There are four red and white strobes on each side of the vehicle, which serve as a warning to pedestrians and passing vehicles.   
    2 只,摆放于车上易拿取处。 Fire Fighting: Two portable dry powder fire extinguishers are provided, which are placed on the car easily accessible.   
    4 个安全探头。 Reversing radar: visual reversing radar, seven-inch display, with 4 safety probes.   
    5 吨,加装双向液压锁。 Hydraulic support: The vehicle is equipped with four hydraulic support legs, which can evenly share the static pressure of the vehicle in the parking state, protect the wheels and spring steel plates, and use imported high-quality Italian multi-way valve groups. Load 5 tons, plus two-way hydraulic lock.


    Diesel generator sets
    柴油机选用美国 CAT 、英国威尔信、康明斯等品牌。 1) Diesel engines are selected from American CAT , British Willson, Cummins and other brands.
    发电机组采用品牌 Stamford 无刷自励交流同步发电机 , 采用 AVR 自动电压调节。 2) The generator set adopts the brand Stamford brushless self-excited AC synchronous generator and adopts AVR automatic voltage regulation.
    发电机组安装底座为机底油箱结构。 3) The installation base of the generator set is a bottom tank structure. 8 h 以上的要求。 The oil storage in the tank can meet the requirements of the unit running for more than 8 hours .
    发电机组的功率有 20 kW~ 2000 kW 多种规格。 4) The power of the generator set has various specifications from 20 kW to 2000 kW . , 随时处于备用状态 , 机组启动后能在 12 s 内带满负载 , 完全满足应急快速供电的要求。 With cylinder liner water preheating and start-up battery floating charging device , it is in standby status at any time . After the unit is started, it can take full load within 12 s , which fully meets the requirements of emergency fast power supply.  
    2 10 日消息,报告预计,到 2020 年全球智能家居的整体规模将由目前的 100 亿美元增长至 500 亿美元,并有望在 2030 年激增至 4000 亿美元。 The hundreds of billions of markets have led many companies to snatch. According to the Securities News on February 10 , the report predicts that by 2020 , the overall size of the global smart home will increase from the current 10 billion US dollars to 50 billion US dollars, and is expected to surge to 400 billion in 2030. US dollars. 2030 年,亚洲市场销售额将超过 1150 亿美元,占据全球市场 25 %以上的份额。 By 2030 , Asian market sales will exceed 115 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 25 % of the global market . The report points out that the rapid penetration of smart homes is mainly due to increasing household income. 2030 年,年收入突破 3 According to the research of The Economist Intelligence Unit, by 2030 , the annual income will exceed 3 万美元的家庭将超过 4000 万户。 There will be more than 40 million households with $ 50,000.

    Controls and operating systems
    )机组配套的控制屏提供手动启动机组的功能 , 可自动监测机组的运行 , 提供机组的保护功能 , 控制屏面板上提供机组运行全部参数的指示表 , 便于直观地查看机组状态。 1 ) The control screen provided by the unit provides the function of manually starting the unit , which can automatically monitor the operation of the unit , provide the protection function of the unit , and provide an indication table of all the parameters of the unit operation on the control screen panel , which is convenient for intuitively viewing the unit status.
    紧急停机按钮。 2) Emergency stop button. , .. 紧急停机按钮就可控制机组立即停止运转。 When the unit is in an emergency , press the emergency stop button to control the unit to stop running immediately. , 该按钮复位。 When it is confirmed that the unit fault is eliminated , the button is reset.
    微型空气开关。 3) Miniature air switch. , 超出该空气开关的设定值时 , 即会自动断开。 When the current is too large and exceeds the set value of the air switch , it will automatically turn off.

    当出现机油压力偏低 , 冷却液温度偏高 , 机组超速等异常情况时 , 会自动报警或停机。 4) When abnormal conditions such as low oil pressure , high coolant temperature , overspeed of the unit occur , it will automatically alarm or stop.

    The vehicles produced by Hubei Chengli Vehicle Capital Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. include: Ford ambulance, Mercedes ambulance, Xinquanshun ambulance, mine rescue vehicle, health checkup, gynecological checkup, dr checkup, atmospheric monitoring vehicle, environmental monitoring Car, rescue vehicle .  

    188-7114-8999 胡经理(微信同号) Manufacturer's 24-hour hotline: 188-7114-8999 Manager Hu (same number on WeChat )


    Hubei Public Security No. 42130202003227