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The Bond of Life——Gynecological Examination Vehicle

  • Author: Medical assistance depot
  • Release time: 2019/8/12 15:30:05
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    The Bond of Life——Gynecological Examination Vehicle

    Medical examination vehicles are also those used by medical institutions for treatment, which can meet the basic physical examination items, and can be used for medical rescue, treatment and other aspects of vehicles specially used for treatment. Generally, the car will be equipped with essential medical instruments, such as biochemical tests and fluoroscopy rooms. Because of its characteristics, the car is also called a mobile medical vehicle, and the medical examination vehicle can meet the basic medical examination.

    The mobile medical vehicle is quite a small hospital running on the road, and can handle the difficulty of cross-region, so it is more convenient and convenient than the traditional hospital. In fact, no matter where it is, going to the hospital for treatment is a laborious task. All sorts of queuing and viewing are time and energy consuming. ; 病况严重的,去医院耽误时刻。 If the condition is not serious, go to the hospital to waste time ; if the condition is serious, go to the hospital to delay the time. The active medical vehicle is very convenient. For non-urgent patients, it can deal with minor illnesses and pains, and there is no need to go to the hospital to check in for treatment.

    For urgent patients, the mobile medical examination vehicle can also be urgently processed at the fastest time to prevent delays. Health is the capital of the body. More and more people have promoted the concept of health, and they are no longer the same as they were before the last minute without seeing a doctor and not going to the hospital. More people started to pay attention to routine maintenance.

    12 meters long body :

    Warm pink medical warehouse interior:

    Routine gynecological examinations include: routine gynecological examinations, including examinations of the vulva, vagina, cervix, and uterus for size, shape, and location, as well as for fallopian tubes and ovaries.
    Leucorrhea routine examinations: Including mold, trichomonas, vaginal cleanliness, and bacterial vaginosis.
    B 超检查:是妇科检查新技术主要用于子宫内膜疾病、宫颈疾病、子宫肌瘤、卵巢肿瘤的诊断以及怀孕早期胚胎发育情况的检查。 Vaginal B -ultrasound: This is a new gynecological examination technique mainly used for the diagnosis of endometrial disease, cervical disease, uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, and early embryonic development in pregnancy.
    Cervical curettage test: Cervical curettage is currently the simplest and most effective diagnostic method for extensive screening of cervical cancer. 是较宫颈刮片防癌普查更精确的方法。 TCT is a more accurate method than a cervical cancer screening test.
    Mammography: Near-infrared scanning of breast mammography is the latest instrument for breast examination. It uses near-infrared camera method to find many lesions that are not visible to the naked eye. It is convenient, efficient and painless.

    框架式隔断(方管骨架),将车厢分为 X 线检查区、控制区、 B 超检查室 / 心电图检查室、妇检室等 4 个区域选配。 1. Frame partition (square tube skeleton), the compartment is divided into 4 areas including X- ray examination area, control area, B -ultrasound examination room / ECG examination room, and women's examination room .

    、根据布局需要,安装整车中央空调(市电 220V )。 2. According to the needs of the layout, install the central air conditioner (mains power 220V ).

    X 线检查室布置:(见附件 1 3.1 铅房 6 面防护,主防护采用 4mm 铅板进行防护;次防护面采用 3mm 铅板进行防护。 3 , X- ray inspection room layout: (see Attachment 1 ) 3.1 6- sided protection of the lead room , the main protection using 4mm lead plate for protection; secondary protection surface with 3mm lead plate for protection. 1mm 铅板进行防护,防护达到国家医用 X 线机防护标准; 3.2 推拉铅防护门 2 扇,门上方带有工作安全警示灯。 The roof and floor are protected by 1mm lead plates, which meet the national medical X- ray machine protection standards; 3.2 push-pull 2 lead protection doors , with work safety warning lights above the doors.

    、控制区布置: 4.1 安装操作工作台。 4. Arrangement of control area: 4.1 Install operation table. X 线检查室之间的推拉门上镶嵌 400×600×20mm 铅玻璃 1 块。 The sliding door between 4.2 and the X- ray examination room is inlaid with 400 × 600 × 20mm lead glass .

    B 超检查 / 心电检查区: 5.1 安装简易检查床 1 张; 5.1.1 尺寸:长 2 米,宽 50 厘米; 5.1.2 下面为带推拉门柜子,上面为海绵垫。 5. B -ultrasound / ECG inspection area: 5.1 one simple examination bed for installation ; 5.1.1 size: 2 meters in length and 50 cm in width ; 5.1.2 below is a cabinet with sliding door and above is a sponge pad. 工作台 1 张,材质为防火板,小圆椅 1 个; 5.3 固定垃圾桶 1 个; 5.4 衣帽挂钩 1 个。 5.2 1 workbench , made of fire board, 1 small round chair ; 5.3 1 fixed trash can ; 5.4 1 coat hook .

    、妇科检查室: 6.1 安装推拉门一扇; 6.2 可折叠的妇检床一张(含主床 1 台,拉手架 2 件,托腿架 2 件,床垫(含附件套);床架采用优质抗指纹不锈钢管成形焊接,床面采用优质抗指纹不锈钢板折边成型; 6.2.1 1400mm ;宽 500mm ;高 750mm 6.2.2 背板上折 ≥30° ;背板下折 ≥20° 6.3 衣帽挂钩 1 个; 6.4 床头柜 1 组;医生操作小圆凳 1 个; 6.5 墙角置物板(用围栏拦住) ,1 组; 6.6 输液挂钩 1 个; 6.7 可移动照明灯 1 个,瓦数为 30w 6.8 消毒灯 1 盏,瓦数为 30w 6.9 固定垃圾桶 1 个。 6. Gynecological examination room: 6.1 Install a sliding door; 6.2 A foldable gynecological examination bed (including 1 main bed , 2 handles, 2 leg supports , mattress (including accessory sets); bed frame High-quality anti-fingerprint stainless steel tube is used for forming and welding, and the bed surface is made of high-quality anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate. 6.2.1 Length 1400mm ; Width 500mm ; Height 750mm 6.2.2 Fold ≥30 ° on the back plate; Fold ≥20 ° on the back plate 6.3 1 coat hook ; 6.4 bedside table ; 1 doctor operated small round stool ; 6.5 corner shelf (blocked by a fence) , 1 group; 6.6 1 infusion hook ; 6.7 1 movable lighting lamp , wattage is 30w ; 6.8 1 disinfection lamp , wattage is 30w ; 6.9 1 fixed garbage bin .

    、各功能区安装组合插座( 220V/10A 1 套,空调插座要求为 220V/16A 7. One set of combined socket ( 220V / 10A ) is installed in each functional area , and the air conditioner socket is required to be 220V / 16A .

    、行车时采用原车 24V 照明系统。 8. The original vehicle's 24V lighting system is used when driving .

    、安装电源配电箱 1 套,带漏电保护系统( 220V )。 9. Install a power distribution box with leakage protection system ( 220V ).

    、整车电路布线,并用电缆线保护套进行保护。 10. Wiring of the whole vehicle circuit, and protect it with a cable protective cover.

    30 米外接电源卷线盘 2 个,一个供空调专用,一个供设备专用,规格为 3X4 平方。 11. Two 30- meter external power supply reels , one for air-conditioning and one for equipment. The specifications are 3X4 square.

    、整车侧窗及后挡贴深色防爆膜。 12. The vehicle's side windows and rear bumpers are pasted with dark explosion-proof membranes.

    For details, please call: 188-7114-8999 Minister Hu (same number on WeChat)


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