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Advantages and advantages of JMC Transit emergency rescue vehicle

  • Author: Medical assistance depot
  • Release time: 2019/8/9 15:34:27
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    Advantages and advantages of JMC Transit emergency rescue vehicle

    Emergency rescue generally refers to activities and plans to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from sudden, destructive emergencies. 卫生应急 、交通应急、消防应急、 地震应急 、厂矿应急、家庭应急等领域的应急救援。 According to different types of emergency , it is divided into emergency rescue in the fields of sanitary emergency , traffic emergency, fire emergency, earthquake emergency , factory and mine emergency, and household emergency.

      随着现代化程度的提高和城市规模的扩大,城市对生命线系统的依赖程度也越来越高,生命线系统的安全直接影响到城市功能的正常运转,城市生命线系统安全的重要性日显突出。 1) With the improvement of modernization and the expansion of the city scale, the dependence of cities on lifeline systems is becoming higher and higher. The safety of lifeline systems directly affects the normal operation of urban functions, and the importance of city lifeline system safety is becoming increasingly prominent .

    我国对城市生命线系统安全减灾防灾的认识还很有限,应采取的安全措施还远远不够,城市的生命线系统抗灾能力尚显脆弱,应急预案的推广面临的问题也很多,新的影响城市安全的问题依然层出不穷。 2) China's understanding of urban lifeline system safety mitigation and prevention is still very limited. The safety measures to be taken are not enough. The urban lifeline system's disaster resistance is still fragile. The promotion of emergency plans faces many problems and new impacts Issues of urban security continue to emerge.

    应该抓住我国城市化快速发展的有利时机,从综合规划、设施投入、运行模式、组织管理和提高科技水平等方面提高生命线系统的安全保障能力,提高城市应对突发事件的能力,从而实现城市安全和城市化同步发展。 3) China should seize the favorable opportunity of the rapid development of urbanization in China to improve the safety guarantee capabilities of lifeline systems from the aspects of comprehensive planning, facility investment, operation mode, organizational management, and improvement of science and technology, and improve the city's ability to respond to emergencies. Realize the simultaneous development of urban security and urbanization.


    立即组织营救受害人员,组织撤离或者采取其他措施保护危险危害区域的其他人员 ; Organize rescue immediately, organize evacuation or take other measures to protect other personnel in the danger area ;

    迅速控制事态,并对事故造成的危险、危害进行监测、检测,测定事故的危害区域、危害性质及维护程度 ; Quickly control the situation, monitor and detect the dangers and hazards caused by the accident, determine the hazardous area, the nature of the accident, and the degree of maintenance ;

    消除危害后果,做好现场恢复 ; 查明事故原因,评估危害程度。 Eliminate the consequences of hazards, do a good job of on-site recovery ; identify the cause of the accident, and assess the extent of the hazard.



    城市供水、供电、供热、燃气管线、电信及高速公路的应急抢修 Emergency repair of urban water supply, power supply, heating, gas pipelines, telecommunications and highways
    石油、化工、天然气、油库等生产装置现场维护和长输送管线的野外抢修 On-site maintenance of petroleum, chemical, natural gas, oil depot and other production facilities and field repair of long transportation pipelines
    事故抢险、消防和部队等单位野外设备的现场维护及抢修。 On-site maintenance and repair of field equipment for accident rescue, fire fighting and army units.


    新型专利产品:发动机一机二用,将车用发动机作为动力源直接去驱动发电机和空压机,减轻车辆自重,增大车厢利用空间。 New patented product: one engine and two engines. The vehicle engine is used as the power source to drive the generator and air compressor directly, reducing the weight of the vehicle and increasing the use space of the cabin.
    动力 style :五十铃全新电控 4KH1CN5LS 柴油发动机,采用电控高压喷射,增压中冷,冷却 EGR 等排放技术,具有强动力,低油耗,可靠耐久等特点,更适应中国使用环境。 Power style : Isuzu's new electronically controlled 4KH1CN5LS diesel engine adopts electronically controlled high-pressure injection, supercharged intercooling, and cooled EGR and other emission technologies. It has strong power, low fuel consumption, reliability and durability, and is more suitable for China's use environment.
    稳定的发电系统:采用先进的无刷交流发电机,输出 380V 的交流电。 Stable power generation system: Adopt advanced brushless alternator, output 380V AC power. The system is equipped with an intelligent constant-speed automatic engine device, which achieves the goal of stable frequency and saving fuel.
    宽敞节能车厢:在车厢外侧防止备用管材,车厢的右侧外面放置升降灯和登高梯;车厢顶部凸起部分的前端呈斜面是为了减少行驶时,迎面风的阻力。 Spacious and energy-saving carriages: prevent spare pipes on the outside of the carriages, and place lifting lights and climbing ladders on the outside of the right side of the carriages; 80 公里速度行驶时间同比节油 5% Driving at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour saved 5% compared to the same period last year . Tool cabinets for various uses can be customized inside the cabin.
    可控照明系统:车顶升降灯具备高低升降、水平旋转 350° 及垂直旋转 180° 功能,便于户外及野外施工现场周围环境照明。 Controllable lighting system: The roof lifting lamp has the functions of high and low lifting, horizontal rotation of 350 ° and vertical rotation of 180 ° , which is convenient for outdoor and outdoor construction site lighting.
    先进电子显示系统:安装倒车视频装置是为了抢修现场车辆移动安全。 Advanced electronic display system: The reverse video device is installed for the purpose of rushing to repair vehicles on site. GPS 定位和先进数字 3G 无线视屏传输保证了抢修现场与指挥部的联系畅通。 Installed GPS positioning and advanced digital 3G wireless video transmission ensure smooth communication between the repair site and the headquarters.


    Engineering emergency vehicles, repair vehicles, and rescue vehicles are also called emergency power pump trucks. They are based on a dedicated chassis, and are professionally modified to carry maintenance personnel, load tools and construction materials, and use the vehicle engine as the power source to directly drive the generator and The air compressor provides sufficient air source and power supply for the repair site. The vehicle can be widely used according to the different needs of customers to transform, complete various types of engineering emergency repairs and other maintenance operations

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