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What is the difference and price between a non-emergency transfer truck and a Mercedes ambulance?

  • Author: Medical assistance depot
  • Release time: 2019/7/11 10:41:25
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    What is the difference and price between a non-emergency transfer truck and a Mercedes ambulance?

    Non-emergency transfer vehicle:

    120救护车,但并没有120、红十字、警报器等救护标志,白色的车身上标有蓝色的“非急救转运服务车”等大字,还有非急救转运服务电话等。 The non-emergency transfer service vehicle looks exactly like the 120 ambulance, but there are no ambulance signs such as 120, red cross, siren, etc. The white body is marked with blue characters such as "non-emergency transfer service vehicle", and there is also a non-emergency transfer service Phone, etc.

    程力车之都销售中心 120只承担院前急救的任务。 [ Chengli Bicycle Capital Sales Center ] 120 only undertake pre-hospital emergency tasks. But in reality there are still many "non-emergency" services with great demand, and the emergence of "non-emergency transport service vehicles" has solved the needs of this type of people. ”。 For example, patients need to go home when they recover, but they cannot get up if they are weak, or patients with fractures need to be transferred to the hospital but cannot walk. These can be used in " non-emergency transport service vehicles ".

    Vehicles specially used for the transfer of non-emergency patients are not only equipped with necessary devices for transporting patients, such as stretcher chairs, oxygen cylinders, etc. The service price list, non-emergency transfer service procedures and behavior codes are also disclosed on the upper left side of the vehicle.

    Pre-hospital emergency treatment refers to the dispatch by the emergency center (station) and the network responsible for pre-hospital emergency tasks in accordance with unified command. Before the patient is delivered to the institution for treatment, the on-site rescue, emergency treatment on the way to transit and monitoring are mainly carried out outside the institution. activity. “有车难叫,无车可座”的状态。 The patient is in a state of "difficult to call if there is a car, but no car to seat". A large number of non-emergency patients cannot dial 120 to crowd out emergency resources, which is a prominent problem in various places. The emergence of non-ambulance vehicles has resolved many patients who still have difficulty moving after receiving effective treatment, and can go home or go to nursing homes, nursing homes and other institutions as prescribed by their doctors. After being discharged from the institution, he will be discharged to a non-agency institution. Special vehicles need to be used for transshipment and no related business is required. The birth of this special vehicle for non-emergency transport. The cabin can be configured with two styles to meet the professional needs of patients in non-emergency transport.

    1、便携折叠式担架1件;2、自动上车担架;3、柜1件;4、固定安装10L氧气瓶1只;5、输液吊钩2只;6、消灯1只;7、污物桶1只;8、单人座椅2只;9、长条座椅2人位软座垫、软靠背和带1套;10、中隔断带滑窗1套;11、前顶装全蓝警报器1套;12、12V照明灯2只;13、逆变器1只;14、220V电源插座1组;15、医用耐磨塑胶地板革;16、非急救转运专用标志;17;后舱空调和暖风。 Basic configuration list of non-emergency transfer vehicle : 1. 1 portable folding stretcher; 2. automatic loading stretcher; 3. 1 cabinet; 4. fixed installation of 1 10L oxygen cylinder; 5. 2 infusion hooks 1 extinguishing lamp; 7, 1 dirt bucket; 8, 2 single seats; 9, 1 seat soft seat cushion, 1 soft back and belt; 10, 1 partition with sliding window ; 11, one set of full blue alarms on the top; two 12, 12V lighting; 13, one inverter; 14, one 220V power socket; 15, medical wear-resistant plastic floor leather; 16, non-emergency Transit special signs; 17; rear cabin air conditioning and heating.

    For more details, please call the manufacturer's hotline directly: Manager Hu: 188-7114-8999 (same number on WeChat)

    Domineering Mercedes-Benz Vito ambulance:

    Mercedes-Benz ambulances fighting 120 ambulances on the front line of medical treatment, is a new highlight of medical ambulances. The new generation of Mercedes-Benz Vito gained fame with its highly personalized appearance and excellent driving control experience, and because of its decent space performance, it has become a cutting-edge model used by many medical institutions. It is an advanced monitoring ambulance modified by Mercedes-Benz Vito. car. After opening the rear door, you can see the loading equipment in the cabin at a glance except the conventional stretcher bed, air conditioner, oxygen supply equipment, sputum suction device, ventilator and so on. It realizes seamless docking in the pre-hospital, and quickly sends patients to the rescue room that has been prepared, providing patients with higher efficiency and faster treatment in the frontline of life.

    奔驰威霆 救护车值得称赞的优点之一,外观给人 “霸气威武,沉着稳重”之感。 The large space is one of the commendable advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Vito ambulance, and its appearance gives it a "domineering, calm and calm" feeling. Its internal space is 3805mm; the net height in the car has reached 1740mm; the large space provides convenient conditions for emergency work. The Mercedes-Benz modified emergency car is equipped with a high ceiling to provide sufficient space in the car, which is convenient for medical personnel to perform emergency work. The closed partition completely isolates the cockpit from the medical cabin. At the same time, the cabin can observe the status of the medical cabin through fixed glass windows on the partition. Common storage spaces are within easy reach of medical staff. Medical medicine cabinets, sliding cabinets and drawers have automatic locking devices. The vehicle is equipped with independently controlled air conditioning and heating systems in the front and rear compartments, and optional rear air conditioning is optional. The Mercedes-Benz Vito ambulance can flexibly arrange the facilities in the car according to the needs of users, providing users with personalized solutions.

    Vehicle parameters of Mercedes-Benz ambulance:

    Basic parameters



    Body size mm:

    5910, 6050 × 1993 × 2800, 2850 (length × width × height)


    Medical cabin dimensions mm:

    3305 × 1780 × 1905 (length × width × height)


    Wheelbase mm:



    Total weight of the vehicle at full load kg:



    Vehicle curb weight kg:



    Suspension system

    Front: Horizontal single reed independent suspension

    Rear: Non-independent suspension of vertical leaf spring


    Minimum ground clearance mm:



    Minimum turning radius m:



    Fuel type:



    Fuel tank volume (L):



    engine model



    Way of working:

    Water-cooled / 4-cylinder direct-injection compression-ignition / common rail


    Displacement ml:



    Rated power kw (hp) / rpm:



    Maximum torque Nm / rpm:

    330 / 1200-2400


    Emission Standards:

    Country Ⅴ


    Driving method

    Front and rear drive



    6-speed manual transmission


    Top speed km / h:



    Tire specifications

    235 / 65R16

    twenty one

    Braking System

    Four-wheel disc brake

    twenty two

    Rated passenger (including driver)

    3-8 people

    \疗急救服务,满足不同企业单位对车型的需求。 The non-emergency transshipment of the Rally Group high-end ambulance plant is tailored to the customer's production concept. According to the different requirements of customers in different industries, different brands of chassis vehicles are used for fine modification, which produces strong specificity, high technical content, and relevant The non-emergency transfer vehicles, disability transfer vehicles, and service vehicles allow users in different industries to buy assured and applicable non-pre-hospital medical / treatment emergency services to meet the needs of different business units for vehicle models.

    .我们更希望您能到我厂实地考察洽谈业务。 The company promises: If you order our vehicle, our company will send it to you and complete the driving procedures . We hope that you can come to our factory to visit and negotiate business. All the products produced and sold by our company can be guaranteed by the chassis and service stations. The special parts are guaranteed for three years and the after-sales service is in place for 48 hours. It is responsible for maintenance and provides free technical services for life.

    Kind reminder: All models of the company are all factory direct sales. In order to prevent dealers from increasing prices, we do not set up general agents, sales companies, and points of sale in other provinces or cities. Customers who purchase a car can place an order directly online or after an inspection. Welcome to call or ask for relevant information and pictures, configure authentic, price concessions!


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